Milo is designed to enhance your healthcare experience by providing general information and support. Whether you're looking for general information about medical conditions, seeking guidance on recovery plans, or exploring telehealth services, Milo can help guide you with general support.

Accessing Milo

To access Milo, a ChatGPT Plus subscription is required. This ensures an enhanced interaction with Milo, your advanced personal healthcare companion.


Getting Started

Feel free to ask Milo general questions about health conditions, treatment options, or wellness strategies for you or your pet. While Milo is equipped to provide general information and guidance based on your inquiries, it's important to remember that Milo does not offer specific medical advice or diagnoses. For quick navigation to various topics, you can utilize Milo's /help command list. This list includes quick commands that offer general guidance on a range of health-related topics. Whether you have a straightforward query or need help figuring out where to start, Milo is here to assist you with general information throughout your healthcare journey.

Enter a Health Topic Start by telling Milo about a general health topic or concern you're interested in. Simply type in your topic to initiate a general information-based interaction.
Use Quick Commands For more specific queries, utilize Milo's Quick Commands like /diagnosis, /recovery, or /telehealth for targeted general information.
Explore General Guidance Based on your input, Milo will offer general guidance, adapting its responses to fit the health topics you're interested in. It’s important to remember that Milo's guidance is based on general information and is not a substitute for professional healthcare advice tailored to your individual needs.

Navigating Your Healthcare Journey

Pre-Treatment Assistance Use general commands like /preop for information about preparing for surgery or /askdoctor to help prepare questions for healthcare provider visits.
Recovery and Post-Treatment Milo offers general support post-treatment with commands like /postop and /rehabilitation, providing information that can be helpful in understanding typical recovery processes.
Connecting with Healthcare Services Milo assists in navigating to professional care resources, including general information about telehealth services and how to search for doctors.
Ongoing Support and Wellness Milo supports holistic health approaches by providing general resources and information on mental health, fitness, and preventive care.

Additional Features

Multilingual Support Milo understands and responds in multiple languages, making it accessible to a wider range of users.
Family and Caregiver Support Offers general support and information for caregivers and family members, helping them navigate healthcare-related topics.
24/7 Availability Milo is always available, providing general health information at any time, making it a reliable resource for non-urgent health inquiries.

Milo is more than just a healthcare tool; it's a companion designed to empower you in navigating your health journey with general information. With intuitive commands and access to a broad range of general health information, Milo aims to make managing your healthcare experience more straightforward and less stressful. Explore Milo's features to discover how it can contribute to a more informed and supportive healthcare experience.