Quick Commands

Milo's Quick Commands offer swift access to general health information related to a range of health topics. While the initial responses are based on general information, they aim to provide relevant insights once you specify the health topic of interest. It’s important to note that the information remains general in nature and is not personalized to individual health conditions.

General Chatbot Commands

Command Description
/alternatives General discussion on alternative treatments or procedures.
/askdoctor General guidance on preparing questions for healthcare provider visits about treatment or care.
/calmzone Creates calming and serene visuals to aid in relaxation and stress reduction.
/caregiver Tips for caregivers or family members supporting the patient during recovery.
/complications Understand signs/symptoms for seeking medical attention post-treatment.
/costs Information on the expected costs, insurance coverage, and financial assistance options.
/diagnosis General information about health conditions, their effects, and typical progression.
/diet Dietary recommendations and restrictions before or after surgery/treatment.
/emergency Instructions on what to do in case of an emergency related to the condition or treatment.
/emotions Coping with emotional and psychological aspects related to the condition and treatment.
/expectations Managing expectations for the outcome and recovery process.
/followup Understand follow-up care plan including appointments, tests, and rehab.
/insurance Detailed information about navigating insurance claims, understanding coverage, and dealing with insurance companies.
/legal Information about legal rights and resources related to the medical condition or treatment, including disability benefits and medical leave.
/lifestyle Adjustments in lifestyle like diet, exercise for managing the condition.
/medication Correct use of medications, side effects, and drug interactions.
/medicalrecords Guidance on obtaining and organizing medical records for reference.
/mentalhealth Access to resources and support for mental health concerns, including therapy and counseling options.
/moodboost Instantly generates uplifting and positive imagery to boost mood and emotional well-being.
/nutrition Detailed nutritional guidance tailored to the specific condition or treatment, including recipes and meal planning.
/pain Pain management options and planning with healthcare providers.
/pediatric Specialized information for pediatric patients, including how to explain medical conditions and treatments to children.
/postop Care and lifestyle adjustments post-treatment for recovery.
/preop Preparations before surgery or starting treatment.
/preparation Specific steps and preparations required before the surgery or treatment.
/preventivecare Information on preventive measures to avoid complications or worsening of the condition.
/procedure Familiarization with surgery/treatment details and expected results.
/products Generates a list of commonly used products relevant to a specific topic.
/questions General advice on asking questions and communicating effectively with healthcare providers.
/reassurance Providing reassurance and encouragement to alleviate patient anxiety.
/recovery Typical recovery timeline and post-procedure limitations or restrictions.
/rehabilitation Guidance on rehabilitation exercises and therapies post-surgery or treatment.
/research Latest research and developments related to the condition or treatment.
/resources Recommendations for trusted sources of additional medical information.
/risks Information about potential risks and complications associated with the procedure.
/rights Understanding patient rights and self-advocacy in healthcare settings.
/secondopinion Information on seeking a second medical opinion, if desired.
/seniorcare Tailored advice for elderly patients, focusing on age-related considerations in treatment and care.
/socialsupport Connecting to support groups and communities for emotional and social support.
/support Communicating needs and expectations for support from family and friends during recovery.
/symptom Recognizing and managing symptoms.
/symptomchecker Explore general health conditions related to your symptoms.
/telehealth Information on accessing and using telehealth services, including how to prepare for virtual appointments.
/travel Travel considerations, if the treatment or surgery involves traveling.
/treatment General insights into treatments like medications, surgeries, therapies, and lifestyle changes.
/vaccinations Information on recommended vaccinations related to the condition or treatment.
/wellness Tips and strategies for overall wellness, including stress management, exercise, and healthy habits.
/workplace Advice on managing work-life balance with the medical condition.

Configure Chatbot Commands

Command Description
/gender Switch the chatbot's gender from Milo to Mila, offering a gender-specific interaction based on your preference.
/language Switch language of interactions. E.g., English, Dutch, French, Spanish, etc.
/persona Displays a list of healthcare-friendly personas. Users choose a persona by entering its number.
/switch Discuss a different condition, treatment, or surgery.

Available Personas

Number Name Description
1 The Compassionate Caregiver Empathetic and nurturing, this persona offers comfort across all health disciplines. Particularly effective in sensitive situations, providing understanding and support regardless of the specific health field.
2 The Professional Doctor Knowledgeable and authoritative, this persona delivers accurate health information in a clinical, yet reassuring tone. Adaptable to any medical, dental, or veterinary context, guiding patients or pet owners through complex processes.
3 The Friendly Assistant Approachable and conversational, this persona eases anxieties in any healthcare setting. Ideal for routine inquiries, scheduling, and general advice, whether in a clinic, dental office, or veterinary practice.
4 The Wellness Coach Motivational and focusing on lifestyle changes and preventive care, encouraging healthier habits. Applicable in various health fields, supporting clients in achieving their wellness goals.
5 The Technical Expert Provides detailed, technical explanations, suitable for those seeking an in-depth understanding of their health conditions, be it in medicine, dentistry, veterinary care, or alternative therapies.
6 The Patient Advocate A supportive guide across healthcare systems, helping individuals understand their rights and access necessary resources, whether they’re patients, pet owners, or seeking alternative treatments.
7 The Calming Guide Ideal for managing anxiety in any health-related context, offering reassurance and relaxation techniques, soothing patients, pet owners, or those exploring new health modalities.
8 The Child-Friendly Companion Engaging and playful, tailored for pediatric care but also effective in veterinary settings or any situation where a child-friendly approach is beneficial.
9 The Empowering Educator Focuses on educating and empowering individuals in understanding and managing their health or the health of their pets. Uses clear, informative language suitable for any healthcare setting.
10 The Holistic Healer Focused on a holistic approach to health, this persona is perfect for contexts involving alternative medicine, chiropractic care, and overall wellness, offering advice that considers the whole person or animal.
11 The Elderly Companion Specializing in geriatric care, also adaptable for elderly pets in veterinary settings. Offers gentle, understanding guidance tailored to the needs of older individuals or animals.
12 The Fitness and Rehabilitation Guide Ideal for physical therapy, chiropractic, and sports medicine contexts, motivates and guides individuals through recovery and fitness journeys, offering supportive and practical advice.
13 The Mindfulness Mentor Specializes in stress reduction and mindfulness techniques, beneficial in mental health, veterinary (for stressed pet owners), and general healthcare scenarios to promote overall wellbeing.

Command Usage

Type Description
Command Only Execute a command applicable to general health-related topics. Example: /askdoctor
Command + Topic Invoke a command for general information specific to a health-related topic. Example: /askdoctor [topic], where '[topic]' represents a general area of interest such as 'post-surgery care'.
Command + Keyword Initiate a command corresponding to a distinct keyword. Example: /language [keyword], where '[keyword]' denotes a specific language like 'English' or 'Spanish'.
Command + Option Launch a command associated with a specific option value. Example: /persona [value], where '[value]' indicates a specific option value of an available persona, such as the number '2'.